Friday, March 11, 2005

Feng Shui and hellish consequences

After reading the book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life I resolved to get all the clutter out of my living room and dining room, which includes about 50 boxes from my last move. It took me four days straight with the help of my boyfriend to get as many things sorted out and moved as possible. We got the living room basically together, but the dining room still has hours to go. But with that much cleaning, surely the feng shui would be affected.
Well, for a week things did indeed get better. I started earning money again, I got a new budget in place, I started a new exercise program. I was happy. For a week.

But as some of you know that both with massage, and fasting, things that have long been dormant can suddenly get stirred up and make you ill. Old emotions can be released. It's a lot like a toilet overflowing. Eventually, it will be better, but it can get way worse first.

Well, way worst for me is my teeth started to hurt. Within a week, I couldn't sleep anymore. I had to go to the dentist like NOW. So I have to have a root canal and an extraction and there goes the budget! It gets worse. The dentist takes my blood pressure, which is sky high. So they won't do the work until I see the Dr. I haven't seen a Dr. in years because I don't have health insurance. So that's another $100 for the Dr. (So now I've spent $300, and still have the tooth problems). So the Dr. wants me on high blood pressure meds for life. (OK I did not need that straw on my camel's back).
Then, while I had the DR. and was springing for the big appt., I say, "By the way, what do you think of this wart thing on my forehead". And she says "Oooh, you have to have that off right away...looks like non-matastizing skin cancer". ($600.)
So yes, Feng Shui may be great, and I do need to deal with those health problems. And eventually it will be better. But had I seen this coming, I would have left those boxes right where they sat.

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