Thursday, January 13, 2005

My color list

Colour Chart by Fayme Harper
Red - Primal urges, anger, aggression, passion, basic instincts, explosive, violent, sexuality.
Pink - Compassion, sentimentality, romance, family forgiveness, softer love, combining purity (white) with passion (red).
Green - Growth, healing, attracting abundance, mother nature, spring, fertility, lust, fairies, open mindedness.
Blue - Communication, angel awareness, public speaking and teaching, calmness, water, emotional stability.
Orange - Commercial endeavors, expansion, bravery, leading with your gut instincts, gregariousness.
Purple - Third eye energy, psychic awareness, dreaming, evolving, mediumship, air, taking the higher path, angel communication, wealth, royalty, ghosts and cemetaries.
Yellow - Education, teaching, left brain thinking, warmth, masculine power, summer, cheerfulness.
Brown - Ancient wisdom, past life learning, fertile beginnings, grounding, voluntary simplicity, terra firma, stability, fossils.
Black - Shielding from outside influences, magnetic, underworld, darkness, secrets.
White - Purity, innocence, divine intervention, clean starts, healing on a cosmic level, angel and guide awareness.
Gold - masculine, materialism, financial security, vanity, high magic.
Silver - female intuition, rebirth, new soul awareness, moonlight, night time, sisterhood, fairy magick, ephemeral, temperary, elusive.

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