Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving 2004

When the clock ticked over past midnight last night I stayed up to write my Thanksgiving list of things I'm thankful for. Here goes:

100 Things I’m Thankful For
Thanksgiving 2004

Living in the land of opportunity.
Growing up in the land of enchantment.
Having 2 wonderful brilliant children.
Having a guy that loves me.
Having customers that treat me like a goddess.
My teddy bear.
My mother’s last gift to me.
Enough creativity to get me through anything.
A strong and able body.
A quick mind.
A sharp wit.
A spine.
A love of beauty.
Artistic talent.
That I took singing classes.
My love for color.
A bed to sleep in.
Long brown locks.
Art supplies aplenty.
Archery skills.
The inspiration of others like Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, and Renee Zelwigger.
The Bound cartoon before the Incredibles movie.
The Krikorian movie theater.
My stash of fabrics.
My truck.
My new website.
Paint Shop Pro
The Sims
My online friends.
Fiber arts.
Belly dance.
Forums like Live Journal and Tribe Net and Where’s George.
The internet and all the art I can access.
The technology that allows me to have a business.
Mail art and friends to share it with.
The furniture folks have given us.
AAA (American Automobile Association).
Stores close by.
The neighborhood kids.
Wallop, Rocky and Black Bob
Charles my betta.
John Chafe called me after being out of my life for over a year.
I managed to unpack most of the boxes in the living room.
Guy’s truck.
A body that is not so far gone I can’t fix it.
A roof over my head.
My garden.
The altar in my garden.
Time enough to dream.
Never ending opportunities to reinvent myself.
Musical instruments.
Improved art skills.
Sewing machines.
A washer and dryer.
A love of poetry.
Tarot cards.
The Thomas Guide map system.
The US post office and UPS and Federal Express
I can read and write.
I have all my body parts.
Psychic ability.
All the skills I have from needlepoint to pottery.
My pattern collection.
My bead collection.
My piano.
Decent skin.
The memories of my teachers and my childhood.
My blue eyes.
My perfect height.
My nose…I love my nose.
Asia restaurant
Bookstores and books and Amazon bookseller.
My yarn collection.
San Luis Obispo.
Self fashion.
All the dogs I’ve had.
My hermit crab.
Living in California.
My oriental rug.
My Café press store.
Guy’s cooking skills.
My bank accounts.
My new ISP
Aisling the artist and Eddie Breen.
Soft fabric dolls
Electricity, candles and all forms of light.

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