Monday, October 11, 2004


I attended a psychokenesis party. To see spoon bending with my own eyes and to do it myself is a real belief system modifier. The spoon actually got hot in my hand. To do it, you channel divine energy into it, and when it gets soft, you bend it.

First you connect with it, then you commend it to bend, then you release your connection. Sometimes the letting go is the hardest part. But just like a watched pot never boils, a watched spoon won't bend.

And so it is with prayer or magick. Once you cast it, you must let it go. (And if you are a control freak, that does not come easily). Just let go and let it fly.

The professor said reiki works the same way, or healing with your hands. As for me, I'm keeping my bend spoons, forks and bbq skewers as concrete proof that we can alter what seems to be solid by the force of our mind.

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